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Retrospect: The Hidden Life of Mac Scott

A lesbian thriller fiction. Dark, bold, and sexy.


McKenna Scott is missing. She’s presumed dead. Perished. Out of her misery... Suddenly, she’s not. She’s alive! Existing. Viable, just about…Two years after she vanished, Mac Scott stumbles into a London hospital. Scars encrust her body. She cannot tolerate the slightest physical touch despite her body aching for human connection. She has no memory of what happened to her.


As Mac tries to ease herself into a life that now feels alien, she is consumed with grief and anger at losing the self-assured, fun-loving woman she once was. So she looks for help. Enticing therapist, Alisha Cole, helps her retrieve shards of horrific memories and it soon becomes clear… Mac may be home, but she is far from free.


Using her scars and memory fragments like a road map, she investigates her disappearance and journeys through the perilous twists and turns of her own mystery. Unexpected love and an insatiable need to be freed from the evil which torments her, drives Mac to rediscover herself and find newfound fortitude.


Where has she been? Why was she captured? She’s about to find out. And then she will make them pay.


Escape is just the beginning; Mac is going to raise hell.

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Retrospect - The Salvation of Mac Scott

Mckenna Scott is alive! But far from out of her misery. After two years vanished, Mac Scott fought to unwrap the mystery of her disappearance and bring down the monsters that stole her life away. And she won. Yet, it soon became clear that behind those monsters was an evil force so formidable that they not only threaten her life but all of humanity. 


Mac Scott’s path to rediscovering herself continues. As the conflict in her heart finally finds harmony, some bonds break - while others strengthen. Who does her heart truly beat for?


Her time held captive from the world and every battle fought to bring down Jakub, have taken their toll on Mac. The ghosts of her past haunt her, and she is learning that sometimes to move forwards, you must look back. 


Mac fights to destroy her demons, but as she grows stronger and faster, so does The Culling. With the weight of the world on her shoulders - It is no longer a question of why she was captured, but if she can convince herself that she is no longer the girl in chains. 


Escape was just the beginning; war is coming. Agent Scott must adapt. She must infiltrate. She must become a member of The Culling. Too many lives depend upon it.


Mac is back! And she is going to raise hell.

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Signed copies of my book

Signed copies of my novels are available and each order comes with a complimentary bookmark.
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About the Author


I just began my journey as a BA (Honours) student studying English Literature and Creative Writing. While writing is something I have always done as an outlet - I never for one second imagined being an author. Now that it has happened, I can't imagine doing anything else. I guess you could call me the accidental author, and it truly has been the best accident ever. When I am not absorbed in writing and reading lesbian fiction; I enjoy cake, cheese, and whiskey -as should all right-thinking people. I'm a terrible cook, an enthusiast in all things good and geeky and my readers are my very favourite people. I write lesbian fiction and I am happy and honored to be rubbing shoulders with some incredible lesfic authors who - like me, are all trying to give the LGBTQ community accurate representation. 

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